081.A6 Advantage


This pathway is aimed at incoming students who need more time and support measures to transition successfully to College. In this pathway, students will participate in several courses designed to enhance their academic research/study skills, and to increase their understanding of themselves as learners. While this pathway is geared to those students needing extra support in transitioning to college level studies in general, it is also particularly appropriate for those students who are used to studying predominantly in French as they will have the opportunity to improve their English speaking, writing, and reading skills by participating in courses that emphasize the improvement of those skills.

Each cohort of students is required to enroll in a selection of courses specifically designed to ensure that students have ample opportunity to practice and improve their academic research, study, and English language skills in a supportive environment. These courses are coordinated to be given in conjunction with one another. Students benefit from small class size that are specific to them. They are also offered enriching extra-curricular activities, bi-weekly mentoring, support through the English Reading-Writing Workshop and highly accessible teachers.  These are an important part of this winning strategy to successfully develop skill sets that enhance student learning and facilitate the transition to college level studies.

A winter course grid will be adapted for students starting in the winter semester. Students can remain in this pathway for up to two consecutive semesters. The majority of credits obtained in this pathway are transferable to a pre-university or technical program.

Total courses : 12-14

Total credits : TBD

Semester 1

Building College Skills 354-BEA-LE
College English 603-101-MQ
OR Remedial Activities for Sec V English Language Arts* OR 603-002-50
Learning Strategies* 354-101-LE
Introduction to Western Civilization 330-910-LE
Humanities Knowledge 345-101-MQ
Physical Education 109-101-MQ
Any remedial course needed (Math, French)

Semester 2 (Optional)

Becoming an Active Learner Seminar 354-BFA-LE
College English 603-101-MQ
OR Block B English Course OR 603-BE?-LE
Humanities World Views 345-102-MQ
French – General 602-10?-MQ
Physical Education 109-10?-MQ
Intercultural Relations at the College Level* 354-201-LE
Program Specific Course with College permission

*Non-program credits


354-101-LE LEARNING STRATEGIES (0-3-3) 45 HRS / 2 CR

This course is designed with a hands-on approach that supports the acquisition of theoretical concepts presented in the Western Civilization and Building College Skills courses offered to students as part of the Advantage and Advantage Plus profiles. Time provided for individual and group mentoring will be devoted to helping students identify factors that lead to their educational achievement, managing their studies, and developing strategies to improve their work methods.


This course is designed with an emphasis on exploring intercultural relations as they apply in the college environment. Using a project-based model, students will study different values and culture to discover how they compare and contribute to those of Quebec society, while becoming familiar with the various educational paths and resources offered by the College. They will be encouraged to develop their understanding of intercultural relations by identifying factors pertaining to an individual’s experience within a new community and to communicate the impact on their identity as a student in a college environment.

Le parcours Avantage s’adresse aux nouveaux étudiants qui auraient besoin de temps et de soutien à la réussite pour faciliter leur transition aux études collégiales. Dans ce cheminement, les étudiants suivent plusieurs cours conçus à la fois pour améliorer leurs méthodes de travail et de recherche et pour mieux comprendre leur rôle en tant qu’apprenants. Bien qu’un tel parcours soit d’abord fait pour les étudiants qui ont besoin d’un soutien scolaire additionnel pour réussir au collégial, le cheminement pourrait aussi profiter grandement à ceux qui ont toujours étudié en français en leur permettant d’améliorer leurs compétences en anglais parlé et écrit ainsi qu’en lecture par des cours spécifiquement conçus à cet effet.

Chaque cohorte d’étudiants doit s’inscrire à un groupe de cours spécifiquement conçus pour leur permettre d’améliorer et de mettre en pratique leurs méthodes de travail et de recherche ainsi que leurs compétences en anglais et en français dans un cadre propice à l’apprentissage. Ces cours sont coordonnés pour être offerts conjointement et les étudiants sont regroupés dans des classes spécifiques de taille réduite. Ils profitent d’activités parascolaires enrichissantes, de tutorat bihebdomadaire et de soutien à l’apprentissage par le biais d’ateliers en lecture et écriture de l’anglais. Ils peuvent aussi compter sur des professeurs très disponibles qui viennent soutenir une stratégie gagnante pour développer les compétences propres à faciliter l’apprentissage et la transition aux études de niveau collégial.

Les étudiants peuvent rester dans ce parcours pendant deux sessions consécutives. La majorité des crédits obtenus peuvent être transférés à un programme préuniversitaire ou technique.

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