Champlain Brains

Who are the Brains?


Brand new in 2023, the Champlain Brains peer tutors are available to help students with computers and tech knowledge. Students can book free, one-on-one sessions with the Brains peer tutors to get help with a number of topics.


The Brains are available to help teach you the basic computer skills that you need to finish your homework more efficiently and to make sure that you never lose your files or homework. They can also help you troubleshoot problems and help you with particular applications and software.

  • Services

  • 1 –  Learn some computer tricks to work smarter, not harder! 💡😎

              Learn the shortcuts that will save you time on your homework. Learn in 30 minutes how to save dozens of hours of homework time.


           2 – Never lose your homework again! 🔒💾

    Learn how to save your files online on OneDrive. This is a free service provided by Champlain. Access your homework files from any computer, anytime, anywhere.


          3 – Used to using a MacBook or a Chromebook and find the Champlain computers weird? 🖥️🤔

    The majority of workplaces use PCs like we do at Champlain, and you’ll want to know how to use them, too! Learn how to adjust your settings, find your apps, change your keyboard language, and other basic tips to make your work easier!


         4 –  How do I add page numbers to my essay? How do I add a header? 📄⌨

    Learn once and for all how to use Word to write your essays, format your resumés, and track your changes to make editing faster.


         5 –  I have a Chromebook, but I have to do a homework assignment in Photoshop or PowerPoint! 🌐🖥️

             Learn how to use Champlain’s Virtual Lab to access a Champlain computer station remotely from home!


         7 –  Need to make a video for an assignment? 🎥▶️

    Learn what software is available and how to get started making basic videos for schoolwork and other projects.