This pathway is aimed at students either waiting to be admitted into the program of their choice (winter cohort, missing pre-requisites), or unsure of the program in which they wish to register.


Ce cheminement est destiné aux étudiants qui attendent d’être admis au programme de leur choix (cohorte d’hiver, prérequis à compléter) ou qui n’ont pas encore fait leur choix de programme.


In Transition, students will be offered a selection of courses such as Building College Skills in the Fall semester to give them a taste of College Studies. They will also be encouraged to take Becoming an Active Learner Seminar in the Winter to help them discover what program will best respond to their needs. The majority of credits obtained in this pathway are transferable to a pre-university or technical program.


On leur offre à la session d’automne un choix de cours tels que Building College Skills pour les initier aux études collégiales. On leur recommande aussi le cours Becoming an Active Learner Seminar à la session d’hiver pour les aider à choisir le programme qui répond le mieux à leurs besoins. La majorité des crédits obtenus pourront être transférés à un programme préuniversitaire ou technique.


Total courses : 10-13
Total credits : TBD

Semester 1

Building College Skills 354-BEA-LE
College English 603-101-MQ
OR Preparation for College English* OR 603-002-LE
Humanities Knowledge 345-101-MQ
French – General 602-10?-MQ
Physical Education 109-101-MQ
Any remedial course needed (Math, French,)*
Program specific course with College permission

Semester 2

Becoming an Active Learner Seminar 354-BFA-LE
College English 603-101-MQ
OR Block B English Course OR 603-BE?-MQ
Humanities World Views 345-102-MQ
French Block B 602-BE?-MQ
Physical Education 109-10?-MQ
Program specific course with College permission

*Non-program credits


Please consult GENERAL EDUCATION COURSES for course descriptions.