Registrar’s Office

The Registrar’s office includes the Admissions and Records offices.  Among their many duties, these offices review admission applications to the College, accept registration payments, prepare letters of proof of attendance or non-attendance, maintain confidential student files, and ensure that all students remain on track towards completing their CEGEP diploma.

Services Email Address
Admissions Office

  • Admission information
  • Late applications
  • International applications
  • SRAM
  • Transfer
Records Office

  • Registration payments
  • Transcript request
  • Letter of proof of attendance
  • Diploma

Please note that the Admissions Office and the Records Office currently receive a high number of emails and requests and therefore the response time is longer than usual. Rest assured that your email will be answered as soon as possible.


To access your transcript via our website:

Go to the top righthand side of the Champlain home page, click on My Lennoxville, and a new page will open. In the student section, click on First Use? You will be asked for your student number and your permanent code. Once your account is created, the link to your transcript is in the left hand column under “Results-Collegial Studies grades transcript”.


To obtain your official transcript, you will need to print out the Transcript Request Form, complete it and return it to the College. You can do so by regular mail if paying by cheque or by email if paying by credit card. Once the form is received, the invoice will be added to your account and the payment can be made via your account under “Payment Center”. The payment must be made before the transcript is released.


If you need assistance do not hesitate to contact the Records Office at


In order to discuss a student’s file with their parent, we require written authorization from the student. A form is available to obtain this consent. We can also communicate directly with the student to ask for their permission.


Unfortunately, we cannot provide any information about the student. Even if they are a minor, we all work towards establishing a relationship of trust with our students. Higher education studies aim to prepare students to practice a profession or to continue their studies at university. We aim to treat them as adults to develop communication and social skills that will be useful throughout their lives.


We understand the importance of parental involvement in their child’s education, and we encourage you to have an open conversation with your child about their school progress and any concerns you may have.