Students apply online through the Service régional d’admission du Montréal métropolitain (SRAM). SRAM processes applications for CRC-Lennoxville and other colleges in the region. Students must fill out the application and include all required documents as indicated and the required application fee. Applications and fees must be sent directly to SRAM.


The application deadlines for the first round are:


March 1 1st round for the fall semester
November 1 1st round for the winter semester


Missed the first round of admissions? It’s not too late to apply for the second and third rounds. Please consult the SRAM’S website for a list of the places available for each program.


The deadlines and important dates for the second and third rounds are:


April 21, 2021 2nd round for the fall semester
May 11, 2021 2nd round answers posted on SRAM
May 26, 2021 3rd round for the fall semester
June 12, 2021 3rd round answers posted on SRAM


Please contact our Admissions Office at 819-564-3666 ext. 2124 for additional information.



  • Complete the online application at (SRAM)
  • Select Champlain Lennoxville and the program of your choice. This information can be altered until the application deadline.
  • If applicable, upload all required documents and pay the application fee. Any outstanding documents and payments must be submitted before the deadline.
  • Please note that SRAM does not acknowledge receipt of your application but you may check your application status by consulting their website.


Students who require a place in Residence must complete the required application form and submit it directly to Champlain College.


Application fee (non-refundable, payable to SRAM)
Late application fee $10.00


Services related to studies* $25.00
Registration $20.00
Auxiliary services** $142.00
Student Association*** $30.00
Auxiliary service fee-Bishop’s University**** $43.00
TOTAL/semester***** $260.00

*partially covers the cost of the student identification card, academic and career information, counselling, learning centre.

**partially covers the cost of access to computers, pastoral services, socio-cultural activities, financial aid services.

***collected by College and remitted to student association.

****partially covers the cost of access to the library, the sports complex, health and social services.

*****Students have the option of making a voluntary contribution to the Champlain Foundation of $10.00 upon payment of their registration fees. The aim of the current fund drive is dedicated to financing student field trips and acquiring multimedia equipment for academic purposes.


Applicants from another province are subject to additional out-of-province fees of $1684.00/semester in the 2021-2022 school year (fee subject to change by Ministerial directives).


In addition to the full-time student fees, international students pay an evaluation fee ($85.00) and a tuition fee of $6,621.00/semester in the 2021-2022 school year (fee subject to change by Ministerial directives).


A part-time student is one enrolled for less than 180 hours per semester, typically fewer than four courses.


Part-time tuition fees per hour*


  • Tuition fee for program courses $2.00/hr
  • Tuition fee for non-program courses $6.00/hr
  • Tuition fee for out-of-province students $6.22/hr
  • Tuition fee for international students $30.20/hr

*(Fee subject to change by Ministerial directives.)


Other part-time fees per course


  • Services related to studies $6.00
  • Registration $5.00
  • Auxiliary services $36.00
  • Auxiliary service fee-Bishop’s $11.00

NOTE:  All students must pay the $30.00 Student Association fee.


Upon College approval, part-time students in their last semester taking the exact number of courses required to finish their program will only pay the Other part-time fees per course noted above plus the $30.00 Student Association fee.


Foreign transcript file opening $65.00
Late registration $50.00
Late timetable pickup (first year students only) $50.00
Duplicate transcript $5.00
Course descriptions/outlines (per course) $5.00
Duplicate tax receipt $10.00
Proof of attendance or non-attendance $5.00
NSF cheque processing $50.00
I.D. card replacement $10.00
Co-Op Option (ATE) $75.00
Equivalence Request per course (maximum $100.00) $25.00
French Proficiency Assessment $30.00


A full or partial refund of the $260.00 student fee is applicable if a written request is submitted to the Records office before the first day of classes:


  • students who did not register for courses will receive a full refund;
  • students who registered for courses will receive a refund less the $20.00 registration fee.


A partial refund of $25.00 for Services Related to Studies shall be reimbursed to students who officially withdraw from all courses prior to the course withdrawal deadline.


Financial aid in the form of Quebec Department of Education Loans and Bursaries is available to eligible full-time students at Champlain. Applications should be completed on-line on the Aide financière aux études website at .   The institutional code for Champlain-Lennoxville is 936001.  Additional information and assistance may be obtained from the Financial Aid Officer at Champlain Lennoxville.


The Financial Aid Officer is also available to refer students in extreme financial difficulties to the appropriate services for assistance.


Applications to Champlain College Lennoxville for full-time study must be made to a specific program. Applications are assessed on compulsory secondary school qualifications and academic performance for programs in high demand. Certain programs also require specific course pre-requisites.


The basic admissions requirements of the College are defined by the Règlement sur le régime des études collégiales, Section II.  Candidates must meet the following requirements (subject to change by Ministerial directives):

  • The holder of a Secondary School Diploma (DES)
  • The holder of a Diploma of Vocational Studies (DEP) and has successfully completed the following subjects:
    • Secondary V Language of Instruction,
    • Secondary V Second Language,
    • Secondary IV Mathematics.
  • Instruction deemed equivalent by the College.


Students who have attended other institutions may have acquired credits and competencies recognized between Cegeps or Universities to fulfill diploma requirements. More information can be found here.


To be admissible, students from another province must be completing the following and have a minimum of Grade 9 French Second Language:


  • Alberta: Grade 11 (67-100 credits)
  • British Columbia: Grade 11
  • Manitoba: Grade 11 (minimum 13 credits )
  • New Brunswick: Grade 11 (minimum 12 or 13 credits, depending on regime)
  • Newfoundland: Grade 11 (minimum 24 credits)
  • Nova Scotia: Grade 11 (minimum 12 credits)
  • Ontario: Secondary School Diploma Grade 11 (minimum 22 credits)
  • Prince Edward Island: Grade 11 (minimum 12 credits)
  • Saskatchewan: Grade 11 (minimum 16 credits)


Students who have attended schooling systems outside of Canada need to have proof from the Ministry of Immigration, Diversity and Inclusion (MIDI) or Service Régional d’admission du Montréal Métropolitain (SRAM) that their studies are equivalent to the Quebec Secondary V Diploma.


Students who do not pass 50% of the course load in which they registered in a given semester are placed on academic probation the following semester. The student is required to meet with an Academic Advisor to sign a probation contract, which clearly indicates the number of courses to be passed. Remedial activities will also be recommended to the student to improve chances of success.


Students who do not pass more than 50% of their course load for a second consecutive semester or who repeatedly fail more than 50% of their course load while in Cégeps will be suspended from the College for up to one academic year.


These students may be re-admitted on probation under certain conditions. Students must re-apply for admission to the College. Students who are re-admitted will be required to sign a re-admission contract.