Student Services Team

The student services team is a group of student centred professionals who are dedicated to supporting you during your studies, so that you can make the most of your time at Champlain Lennoxville. Do take advantage of the wide range of services and supports that we offer!

Services available Contact information (To reach someone by phone dial 819-564-3666 + extension number below)
Aboriginal student support Brenda Smith phone ext. 2162 or
Academic advising Louise Pepin phone ext. 2124 or Springboard to DCS – Advantage & Transition, Nursing, Special Care, Science, AMT, CST, Social Science – Pre-Commerce and Math profiles

Lucy Doheny phone ext. 2119 or all other programs

Athletics Sylvain Laflamme (Director) phone ext. 2114 or

Jean-François Joncas (Football) phone ext. 2118 or

Campus Minister / Chaplaincy (multi-faith) Jesse Dymond phone number 819-822-9600 ext. 2718 or
Communications (Social media, website, omnivox) Shane McDonald phone ext. 2121 or

(On leave) Cathy Mathew phone ext. 2121 or

Co-op Programs and Recruitment Steve Cassivi phone ext. 2106 or
Champlain Students’ Association General Manager Melanie Alden phone ext. 2324 or
Counsellor in Academic Training
Dean of Student Services Jennifer Coley-Gomez phone ext. 2200 or
Health Clinic for Bishop’s and Champlain students Sports Center Health Clinic: 819-822-9696
Language writing workshops and tutoring Nancy Branch at
Residence Cindy Rivett phone ext. 2100 or

Jean-François Joncas phone ext. 2118 or

(On leave) Emilie Bureau phone ext. 2378 or

Sexual Health – SEXed Peer Educator Team C172 or
Cougar Student Perseverance and Retention Sheila Quinn at
Social work technician (psycho-social support, mental health, personal issues) Jennifer Bauer at
Sports Therapy (Physio) Dawn Patterson at Sports Center or 819-564-3666 ext. 2327 or
Support for students with disabilities / Accessibility services Lucy Doheny phone ext. 2119 or
Loans and bursaries Louise Pepin phone ext. 2124 or