Residences and Housing

The Champlain College Residence is more than just apartments and rooms. In fact, it’s unique concept and ‘college student only’ community, both allow you to thrive as a student and to truly enjoy the best college years possible. First, our buildings, apartments, and individual rooms are well adapted for the transition from home and the busy and multi-faceted student life. Secondly, our on-site team of Residence Advisors and activity coordinator are there for you.  They are concerned for the welfare of each resident and help to provide an enjoyable residence life through varied activities. Finally, the residence administration and maintenance staff, college counsellors, and on-site security service, are all there to help with any other concerns or needs you may have.


Located in Lennoxville, (a borough of Sherbrooke, QC), our residences are in the midst of a scenic and peaceful environment. Possessing private open spaces, outdoor picnic tables, outdoor beach volleyball and basketball courts, students can relax or play as they wish. Within a 10-15 minute walking distance to the campus or stores in town, the residences are also close to large wooded areas, two municipal bicycle paths which are also often used for jogging, the Old Lennoxville Golf course, and cross country skiing.


In maintaining our community vision of Friendship, Values, Success, and with all of the above, our residence life is uniquely qualified to make the best of your college career.

Tour the Residences

Located on Winder Street, our complex of 6 smoke free apartment buildings (bill 112) is within a short walking distance from the main campus. While the buildings are co-educational, each of the ninety fully furnished apartments is designated as either male or female and has either 3 or 4 bedrooms.


The living spaces in each apartment are basically all the same and include: kitchenette with refrigerator and stove; dining area with table and three or four chairs; window drapes; a full bathroom; a storage room; and living room furnished with one 3 place couch and 1 or 2 single place couches, a coffee table, and 1 or 2 end tables.


Individual rooms have a study desk with matching chair and hutch, a dresser, and bed frame with mattress. (Linens are not supplied). In addition, each room has its own smoke detector, key, window, closet, and thermostat.


Each residence building has: a laundry room with a washer and two driers, a central vacuum system; a standard intercom system in each apartment; all of the necessary smoke detectors, fire alarms, and fire extinguishers in each apartment and on each of the common hallways, and an available residence advisor who lives in apartment 6 or 7 .


The residence lease, which is governed by the Régie du logement du Québec, must be signed by both the student and a parent or guardian, regardless of the student’s age, and is binding for the term of the lease for as long the student remains as a full-time student at Champlain Regional College – Lennoxville. Only students attending Champlain College-Lennoxville can live in the college residences. Should a student decide to leave the college, they must notify the residence office. In the case of an approved departure from residence for extraordinary circumstances, the lease is terminated with only a one-month notice being charged.

Why choose Champlain Residence?!

  • You can choose the friends you would like to live with.
  • A living environment adapted to your style: Quiet hours from 9, 10, or 11 pm (depending on availability).
  • A 9-month lease instead of 12. Students graduating in December can actually have a 4-month lease.
  • Pre-installed and ready to go unlimited high speed WIFI with an individual router in each apartment-included.
  • Have direct access to a Residence Advisor in each building and on-site maintenance and security staff as well.
  • A separate Laundry Room in each building.
  • A peaceful and separate study room complete with WIFI available to all residents.
  • Many organized Activities promoting community life, stress relief, fresh air, and friendship.
  • You can easily take part in many evenings of volleyball or B-Ball with our on-site courts and free equipment room.
  • All of the basic furniture and appliances- included.
  • Have access to our media lounge with 50” TV, DVD player, and X-Box for free.
  • Be a part our community and our vision of Friendship, Values, & Success!

One-time Processing Fee:

First-time applicants to residence are charged a one-time processing fee of $40.00. This once-only fee will not be charged to any student who wishes to return to residence at any time in the future.



The cost of rent for 2024-2025 is $405.00 per month. The total cost of rent for a nine-month lease, August to May, is $3,645.00. Residents graduating in December can only have a lease for 4 months from August to December, for the same cost per month totaling $1,620.00. In addition, students with a 4-month lease must vacate their rooms the day after their last exam in December.


Living Expenses:

Heating, hot water, electricity, high-speed unlimited WIFI, activities, maintenance, laundry services, and security services are all included in the monthly rent of $405.00. Food and daily cleaning are not included and are the responsibility of each resident; however, there is a once/month cleaning service provided which includes only the common areas of each apartment.


Extended Lease for Sports Camps:

Some student-athletes may be required to move into residence earlier due to their involvement on a Cougar sports team. In such cases, there is an extra cost per additional week of residence required. Any Cougar team member who requires an additional week in residence must indicate this on their application for residence.


Parking Permit:

If a parking space is required, it is strongly recommended to request a permit at the same time the lease is returned. (Parking spaces sell out quickly and are not guaranteed) Residence parking permits cost $75.00 per semester or $150.00 for the academic year. Note that residence permits are only valid at residence and do not grant the privilege to park anywhere on the Bishops University campus. A Bishops University parking pass will entail an additional cost. For further information concerning BU parking, please contact BU security at 819-822-9600 ext. 2711.


Storing belongings at residence over the Summer (Optional)

Residents can choose to store their belongings over the summer for a cost of $175.00 and thus avoid the trouble of transporting all of their belongings to and from home. The option is made available in April of the subsequent year and is subject to approval. Students will be expected to place all of their belongings inside their individual bedroom which will remain locked for the summer. Any belongings found in the common areas of the apartment over the summer get donated and/or thrown away. Access to their belongings is possible during regular office hours by appointment only. This does not entitle a resident to sleep in their bedroom at any time during the summer break. You may be asked to move your belongings to a different apartment and/or room prior to the start of the new term.



Laundry machines, located in the basement of each building, are available to all students to use at no charge.

How to apply

First time applying to residence

Residence applications for the Fall/Winter academic year are accepted as of January 1st each year. We suggest applying for residence before you receive your acceptance from the college as this will allow you to have the best chance of being assigned a room.  Your application to residence does not oblige you in any way and you will only receive a lease once your acceptance into the College is confirmed.


  • Please be sure to download and save the APPLICATION FORM FOR NEW STUDENTS before completion.
  • Once completed and saved, you can choose from one of the three options on the form to send in your application.

Returning to residence

  1. Residence leases are not automatically renewed. Therefore, returning students also need to download and save an APPLICATION FORM FOR RETURNING STUDENTS.
  2. Once completed and saved, you can choose from one of the three options on the form to send in your application.

JANUARY – MARCH: Applications for the Fall are received

In recent years, students have begun sending their applications as early as January, therefore, you should not wait until you receive your acceptance letter from the College before sending your application.



Students who submitted a residence application will receive a letter advising them of their status by mid-April/beginning of May. This letter will inform the applicant that: (A) their application for residence has been accepted and a residence lease will soon follow; (B) their name has been placed on a waiting list and a residence lease will be sent once a room becomes available; or (C) we are unable to provide a room.


IMPORTANT: Students accepted on the first round of admissions will have priority placement in residence. Second and third-round admitted students will be accepted into residence based on spaces remaining.


IMPORTANT: Students accepted on the first round of admissions will have priority placement in residence. Second and third-round admitted students will be accepted into residence based on spaces remaining.



Residence services usually assign rooms during the month of May. Although there is not any guarantee that you will be placed with your preferred apartment-mates, the chances of your preferences are significantly increased if all preferred apartment-mate requests are reciprocal. Changes in preferred apartment mates must be in writing and sent to Request for these changes is subject to availability and approval at the time of the request.


Students who received their acceptance email for residence in April will receive an email containing their lease and important information as well as deadlines to be respected. Failure to return your residence lease by the deadline date indicated in the letter will automatically result in the suspension of your residence application and your priority status becomes revised accordingly. In order for your lease and room reservation to be effective, the residence office must receive 1. A copy of the lease duly completed and signed by the student and a parent or guardian; 2. A cheque in the amount of $405.00 post-dated for July 1st (note that if you select monthly payments via credit card, a cheque will not be required) and 3. Payment of the $40.00 processing fee must be received. You can make the $40.00 payment via credit card through Omnivox or by sending us a cheque in that amount. Incomplete leases or payments will be returned and result in the suspension of your residence application and revision of your priority status accordingly.



Your completed documentation is due by June 1st. Note that if your documentation is not received by this date, your lease will be terminated. If you wish to cancel your lease, the Residence Office will require your written cancellation notice on or before July 1st. Please note that the $40.00 processing fee for new students is however non-refundable. Students attending the College cannot cancel their lease after July 1 without obtaining special permission. Lease cancellations can be accepted only in the case of extraordinary circumstances. All approved lease cancellations will result in a mandatory one-month notice charge ($405.00). For additional information, please contact residence services by either telephone at 819-564-3666 ext. 2100 or e-mail to



Roommate contact information and a move-in checklist will be sent by MIO between the end of July and the beginning of August. This will be essential in planning your collective preferences regarding extra items such as microwaves, coffee makers, toasters, etc.


IMPORTANT: The Residence Office reserves the right to change a room assignment indicated on the residence lease prior to and after the student’s arrival.



Students that have received academic acceptance and whose duly completed residence lease and 1st month payment has been received will be allowed to move into the residences on the official move-in date. All students registered for early summer classes, or on a sports team and required to move in earlier, or who are enrolled for Cougar Ambassador or Residence Life Team training, will be permitted to access their residence only upon the respective entry date established by the College or Residence Services. Early move-in fees will be applied.



Deadline for residence applications for the winter semester

Information for current students
Off Campus Housing

Champlain College Lennoxville offers affordable apartment-style residences to all students. Alternatively, the City of Lennoxville offers a multitude of student housing within walking distance of the College. Please note that off-Campus housing is not inspected by Champlain College Lennoxville and the College is not liable, nor does the College have any affiliation, for, or with, these accommodations. The College cannot guarantee the quality, conditions, and/or conformity with off-Campus building regulations. It is the responsibility of the student(s) to view, inspect and inquire about any off-Campus accommodations before renting to ensure it meets their particular needs and expectations.


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