Volunteering and Leadership


While you are studying here at Champlain, we encourage you to get involved in other programs and organizations by volunteering on or off campus. There is an ample amount of volunteering opportunities in and around the campus and in doing so, you will be able to acquire new skills, aptitudes and attitudes which will help you become a better person and citizen.


In the event that you have engaged yourself for over 60 hours within a certain area of involvement, you will be able to request that this information be indicated on your Bulletin d’études collégiales, which universities and/or future employers will be able to see.



How to get recognition on your transcript


Step 1: Download the document Application and Self-Assessment

Step 2: Fill it out, sign it and send it to Sheila Quinn by MIO

Step 3: Download the document Hours Records

Step 4: Keep track of all your volunteering hours (your referee has to sign all of them)

Step 5: Once completed, submit the document to Sheila Quinn by MIO


In order to receive recognition on your transcript please submit documentation as soon as possible. If you have any concern or questions, please contact Sheila Quinn by MIO.

Eligibility Guide

Areas of involvement:


Society and Community for student involvement aimed at improving the quality of people’s lives in a spirt of compassion, solidarity, community or at improving the social awareness and attitude of a specific group;


Entrepreneurship for student involvement focused on the development and/or in the implementation of a business project;


Science and Technology for student involvement focused on a scientific or technical project, experiment or topic;


Academic for student involvement in helping other students to succeed, success at promoting academic topics or at achieving higher standards for oneself;


Politics for student involvement which promotes student interests and rights or for organisations of or the participation in local, provincial, national or international political activities;


Sports for student involvement that consisted of organising or participating in a structured sports activity;


Culture and Arts for student involvement that leads to the creation or the presentation of a cultural or artistic event or project.



Student personal involvement in an activity or project must have lasted for at least 60 hours over a maximum or two semesters.


Only students with full-time status and having failed no more than 1 class are eligible for recognition during a given semester.


Paid activities or those leading to credits cannot be accepted unless the involvement has greatly and clearly surpassed the credits or monetary compensation received for the activity


Activities completed during a semester for which the student was not registered (e.g. summer) are admissible only if they are related to college activities or events.

Leadership – Cougar Ambasadors

Involvement in Cougar Ambassador program allows these student leaders to create a welcoming and motivating environment at Champlain College, which will help to promote a sense of belonging for all students in an effort to increase the overall success rates. This program will also allow for the Ambassadors to develop their leadership and communication skills, which will aid in their overall development.


Cougar Ambassadors are selected from second and third year returning students. The role of the Ambassador is to help students integrate into the college and its surroundings. They can provide a wealth of information from where to find the library to doing laundry and will even distribute coffee and doughnuts and other treats throughout the semester in order to keep spirits high. New students become acquainted with the Cougar Ambassadors at the New Student Orientation at the beginning of the fall semester and are thereafter involved with the various student activities that are held throughout the year.


By being an active member of this program for a minimum of 60 hours, the Cougar Ambassadors will be officially recognized through an acknowledgement that appears on their official transcripts.


If you are motivated and enthusiastic student of Champlain, we will strongly encourage you to apply to become a Cougar Ambassador.  If you have any questions, concerns, or comments please do not hesitate to contact Sheila Quinn, Recreational Activities Technician.