Academic Advising

Our Academic Advisors

Laura Beausse – Academic Advisor for the following programs:
· Accounting & Management Technology (AMT)

· Computer Science Technology (CST)

· Nursing

· Special Care Counselling

· Springboard to DCS – Advantage and Transition

Lucinda Doheny – Academic Advisor for the following programs:
· Arts, Literature & Communication (ALC)

· Liberal Arts

· Social Science: General – Psychology – Criminology

· Visual Arts

Maxime Chaput Dupuy – Academic Advisor for the following programs:
· Science

· Social Science: Commerce – Math

Because of the complexity of the rules and regulations governing a student’s academic life, you may feel the need to be supported to achieve your academic goals while studying at Champlain.


Academic Advisors can offer you their professional support when dealing with any concern of an academic nature, which includes:


  • Program information
  • Course selection and scheduling
  • Course progression
  • Course and/or Program changes
  • Graduation
  • University requirements
  • Any other academic concerns you may have!


How do I meet with my Academic Advisor?


Depending on your program, you will be assigned an Academic Advisor. Your Advisor will contact you via Mio before the semester begins, after the reception of your schedule. You can then contact them by Mio or drop by their office from Monday to Friday.