Why choose Champlain

Champlain College Lennoxville is where you should be (at least we think so!). Located just 10 minutes from downtown Sherbrooke (QC), Champlain Lennoxville is known for its Think Small Dream Big attitude. Sharing a beautiful 500 acre campus with Bishop`s University, Champlain Lennoxville has 1,200 students, boasts small classes and is truly an intimate learning environment. Professors are known for going above and beyond to help their students succeed academically as well as cheering loudly for you as you take the court, rink or field. The campus spirit makes it a special place to live and learn.


Did you know that Champlain-Lennoxville is certified as an Établissement Vert Bründtland? This certification is awarded to institutions that carry out sufficient activities exemplifying and promoting the values of the EVB movement: environmentalism, pacifism, democracy, and solidarity. If you want to study at a campus that upholds these values, or get involved with groups that champion any of these values, you’ve come to the right place! Green Champlain, SexEd, and International Studies are just some of the groups that are always open to new members who want to help out and make a difference!


  1. Sustainable Development
  2. Clubs and Groups
  3. International Experiences


We offer apartment-style residences, with 3 or 4 students sharing a furnished apartment.

Champlain Lennoxville offers a variety of pre-university and technical programs.