Champlain’s 2021 graduation ceremony will be held in person on

June 11, 2021 from 1 to 4 pm. 


The format of the ceremony will be a little bit different this year, out of respect for Public Guidelines. We will be hosting a COVID friendly ceremony, giving graduates one last chance to walk through the Champlain building. The event will be live-streamed on Facebook so parents and friends can watch from afar. The livestream of the ceremony will be accessible from Champlain’s Facebook event at

Champlain Grad 2021 – A graduation to remember!

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What are the current plans for Champlain's 2021 Graduation?

We plan to hold Champlain’s graduation ceremony in person. It will be a walk-through event on the first floor of the Champlain building, ending in the front lobby where graduates will receive your certificate.

Where can we watch the livestream of the ceremony?

The livestream of the ceremony will be accessible from Champlain’s Facebook event at

Will families and guests be able to attend the ceremony in person?

Students are allowed to bring 2 guests. These guests are asked to wait in their cars in the Sports Complex parking lot, until it is their graduate’s turn to parade through. At that time they are allowed to come and wait in our front parking and accompany their graduate back to the Sports Complex parking.

Please note that guests and parents will not be allowed in the Champlain building as the event is strictly for students. However, the ceremony will be live-streamed on Facebook for family and friends to follow along.

Can families take pictures on campus?

Yes! Two photo booths will be set up for candid graduation photos in parking P1.

Is Champlain providing a live stream of the ceremony?

Yes! The ceremony will be live-streamed on Facebook. We invite you to like the Champlain College Facebook page so you don’t miss the event.

At what time should I arrive?

Please see the arrival times below for each program:




Special Care Counselling

Accounting and Management Technology



DEC sans mention

Arts, Literature and Communication

Visual Arts

Liberal Arts



Social Science

– General profile

– Math profile

– Commerce profile



Social Science

– Psychology profile

– Criminology profile



Health Science



Pure and Applied Science


Please arrive at the time listed for your program to ensure we are able to proceed smoothly as well as follow all public health guidelines.

Where do I go for the ceremony?

Graduating students will line up with their group in parking P5 (in front of the SUB building). 

Should I arrive early?

No. Please arrive at the time listed for your program so we can avoid having too many students lining up in the parking lot.

Where can I get my hoodie during the ceremony?

You can pick up your hoodie under the CSA tent which will be located in front of the Champlain building.

Can I get a graduation hoodie if I don't attend the ceremony in person?

Yes, you can get your hoodie after graduation. Contact Melanie Alden, CSA General Manager (, to schedule a time to pick up your hoodie in her office.


Please note that we cannot mail hoodies. They must be picked up during the graduation ceremony or at Melanie Alden’s office.

I forgot to RSVP for graduation. What should I do?

Contact Laura Beausse, Administrative Support Agent for Student Services, by MIO or by email at to RSVP and participate in the ceremony in person.

When will I receive my diploma?

You will receive your official diploma from the Ministère de l’Éducation et de l’Enseignement Supérieur over the summer. The Registrar’s Office will contact you when it is available. You can either pick it up at the College (no fee) or have it sent to you by mail (fees).

For official individual photographs of graduates, please visit the Champlain graduation gallery.


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