Physical and Mental Health

For medical emergencies on campus, or any urgent security issue

Bishop’s Security is our first responder on campus

How to reach them:

  • 819-822-9711
  • Safe Gaiter App
  • Red phones all around campus (direct line to security)
  • Hallway/Classrooms black phones in Champlain building (direct line to security)

For an urgent situation at the Champlain residences

Medical emergencies: 911 or Residence Security: 819-560-2374


For non-urgent situations: contact your Residence Advisor: 819-571-6639


Worried about your sexual health or romantic life? Need information on campus services or access to birth control? SEXed is here for you.

What is SEXed?


We are a group of dedicated peers, supported by a small team of faculty, who are there to answer your questions and help you find what you need, from information to birth control. We support your sexual and romantic priorities with information on consent, healthy relationships, safer sex, peer pressure, and gender and sexual identity. All the Peer Educators have received training from specialist organizations. We organize information campaigns, fun events, a referral service, and safe spaces to explore a wide range of relevant issues. Our approach is non-judgemental, inclusive, diverse, and confidential.


Where can I find SEXed?


Our office is just off the lobby in C-172. Drop by for a lollipop, condom, or a quick chat. If the door is open, come on in.

You can email us and follow us on Facebook and Instagram


Also, our resource guide is a great place to find local information and services!  STUDENT RESOURCE GUIDE


How do I join SEXed?


SEXed recruits new Peer Educators once or twice a year, depending on need. The best time to join is in the spring, towards the end of your first year. However, we are always happy to hear from interested students, so please let a Peer Educator or teacher know you want to help out!


Feeling stressed out? Experiencing panic attacks? Feeling down and not sure why? Your relationship with your partner is in trouble? Not getting along with your parents? In need of housing? Having suicidal thoughts? Think you may have a drug or alcohol dependency problem? Can’t seem to adjust to this place…


Does any of this seem familiar? These are some of the common issues faced by college students. You do not have to face these challenges alone. By sharing your concerns with a professional, you may gain new perspectives and problem-solving skills. It’s okay to ask for help. You are important to us.

A social work technician is available 3 days a week to work with students on a one-on-one basis in relation to a variety of personal concerns or crisis situations.


The service offers:

  • Confidential and professional support
  • A safe place to express and understand your emotions
  • The possibility to confide in someone when going through a rough time
  • Accompaniment to appropriate resources
  • Rapid assistance for crisis situations

If you are in a crisis situation and no one is available at the college, you can always contact

Call 811, and press option 2 (Info-Social and Crisis Line) available 24/7


JEVI (Suicidal thoughts)



The Champlain-Bishop’s Health Clinic is located in the new Sports and Wellness center and offers health care to all students who have paid the student services fee. Staff and faculty may use the service for a small fee. The staff at Health Services will do everything possible to treat illnesses and injuries quickly so that class absences will be kept to a minimum.


The staff includes nurses, a two part-time physicians and a secretary who are available Monday through Friday. Students wishing to see the nurse will be seen in order of arrival. To see the doctor, it is recommended that you make an appointment. Emergency situations will always have priority.


Records are strictly confidential. No information is released, for any reason, without the student’s consent.


Health Services are supported by student fees, therefore, there is no charge to use the service. However, the doctor’s services and the cost of any tests required are paid by health insurance or provincial medicare plans.

Quebec students who do not have their Medicare cards, or who present cards that have expired will be required to pay the full cost of services immediately.

Canadian students from another province are fully covered by their provincial medicare plans provided they:


  1. inform the Ministry of Health in their home province that they are studying in Quebec before they leave home;
  2. have their Provincial Medicare card with them when they come to see the doctor. If the card is unavailable or has expired, the full cost of services must be paid immediately.


For additional information consult the Health Services web page or contact 819-822-9600, ext. 2696.