Celebrating 40 years

For more than four decades, the Cougars have had a longstanding tradition of excellence in intercollegiate sport in the province. This dedication to excellence, combined with top-notch sports facilities, stellar coaches, excellent clinic and relentless Cougar fans, have made Champlain Lennoxville a prime destination for top performing athletes for more than 40 years!  Cougar Pride truly lives here!

We also take great pride taking care of our athletes’ health and well-being. Our student-athletes have access to treatment at the Sports Medicine Clinic at the John H. Price Sports Complex right on campus. The clinic benefits from the most modern equipment available with certified athletic therapists, an orthopaedic surgeon, physiotherapists and student assistants.


All full-time Champlain-Lennoxville students are admitted without charge to the John H. Price Sports and Recreation Centre upon presentation of their student identification card and may use the facilities during their scheduled physical education courses and during opening hours.  In addition, they may choose to register in various classes each semester that are open to the general public as well.