Frequently Asked Questions

What is Champlain 101 all about?

Champlain 101 is a unique program facilitating the transition from secondary to Champlain College. This program is only available to high school graduates who have or will be admitted to Champlain College Lennoxville for the Fall semester. The program provides the opportunity for all attendees to make new friends with whom they will reconnect at the start of the semester. In fact, many of the participants request to live together in our college residences following their experience at Champlain 101. As you can easily understand how friendship can be reassuring and facilitate a student’s integration into college life, we truly enjoy prioritizing these requests.

During Champlain 101, the activities and workshops will focus on 4 different themes which are: scholastic, financial, emotional and physical health, and finally college and social integration. More specifically students will: become familiar with the campus and the surrounding area; meet with some of the teaching staff; become informed about college resources available to help them, learn how to deal with pressures related to alcohol, drugs and sex, play interactive games which promote communication and friendship, budgeting, how to plan their meals and save money, and much more!! Finally, approximately four weeks after the start of their first semester, all participants will also be invited to attend a follow up get-together and have an opportunity for help and guidance with regards to specific needs.

Who are Cougar Ambassadors?

Cougar Ambassadors are selected from second and third year returning students. The role of the Ambassador is to help new students integrate into the college. They can provide a wealth of information from where to find the library to doing laundry and everything in between. New students meet the Ambassadors at New Student Orientation.

What are the food facilities on campus?

There is a cafeteria, Dewhurst’s, where meals are purchased on an all-you-can-eat basis, either individually or in a package. The “Bus Stop” take out is conveniently located in the Nicols Building. In the Student Union Building you will find Tim Horton’s and the Gaitor Grille snack bars.  Located in the Sports Centre on the second floor, there is food service available, with inside and outside seating available.

What is located in the Student Union Building?

The SUB houses the services, conveniences and amenities of daily life on campus. Facilities and services include:
• Accommodation store
• Art Gallery (Foreman)
• Animation office
• Bookstore
• Campus Ministry
• Campus Pub, “The Gait”
• Centennial Theatre
• International Centre
• Mail room and students’ mailboxes
• Student government
• “Tim Horton’s” and “Gaitor Grille” snack bars

Is there parking available on campus?

Anyone who wishes to park on campus must possess a parking pass. Daily passes are available at the Main Entrance to the campus and near the Sports Complex. Those who wish to purchase a pass good for a semester or the whole year may do so at the Security Offices. Municipal parking tickets are issued to cars without a valid pass.

Can I take a city bus to Champlain Lennoxville?

Champlain is on two bus routes, # 2 and 11, of the Societé de transport de Sherbrooke (STS). Bus schedules and passes are available to purchase at the campus bookstore.

Is there a bookstore on campus?

The campus book store, Folets,  in Marjorie Donald House sells texts, best sellers, reference materials, art, stationery, and supplies as well as other college-related items. Second-hand books are sometimes available and can be found on the same shelves as the new texts. The bookstore will also buy back student texts at the end of each term. Credit cards, debit cards and cash are accepted.

Are there any lockers?

Book and coat lockers are available in limited supply at the beginning of the school year. There is a $20.00 deposit required. The lock and lock combination card must be returned no later than May 15 to receive a $10.00 refund. Locks left on lockers after May 15 will be removed and the students will forfeit their deposit. Valuables remaining in the lockers after May 15 may be claimed until September 15.

Will I have a mailbox?

Mailboxes are required for all students who are living in the Champlain Residences.

What is My Lennoxville?

Students can access their personal information, timetable, profile, marks, or cote de rendement (cote R) through the Web Services. Click on “My Lennoxville” on the left side of the Home page and follow the instructions. Once you create a profile you have access to all your pertinent information for the time you are here at Champlain College Lennoxville, and you may continue to access the information, even after you graduate.

Will I receive a Champlain Identification Card?

All students receive a College ID card when they first begin studies at Champlain; the card is validated each year. It is essential that students keep their cards with them at all times for the purposes of identification and for borrowing items from the Library, accessing the Sports Centre free-of charge etc. If lost, a replacement card can be obtained for a nominal fee.

Why should I attend Champlain Lennoxville?

There are many reasons! We are a small College that provides individual attention to our students, but because we share the campus with Bishop’s University we are able to offer extraordinary services: a university library, sports centre, and food facilities.