Workshops and Tutoring

There are workshops staffed by peer tutors in most disciplines, such as English, Economics, Chemistry, Math and Physics, Quantitative Methods, Spanish, German and History. All workshops are free of charge to Champlain Lennoxville students. Check with your professors for times and locations each semester, or verify the schedule on Omnivox. Most workshops are during the co-curricular period, on Tuesday and Thursday from 12:30 to 2:00 p.m. and run throughout the semester.

Reading and writing workshop

Welcome back to a new school year.


Due to the pandemic precautions, The Writing Workshop is taking on a new format this year. All work can be submitted via email attachment to I will require a day or two to complete editing, depending on the length of the submission. Shorter assignments may be completed the same day they are submitted. All submissions should be double-spaced using Word. Please do not send PDF submissions, as I cannot make changes using a “read-only” format. When submitting a paper, please indicate the specific assignment requirements. In other words, what did your professor ask you to do? In addition, please tell me when the assignment is due. I will do my best to get papers returned promptly.

The Writing Workshop accepts all assignments written in English: essays, research papers, homework assignments, Special Care Counselling summaries and so on. Upon receipt, I will edit each assignment for grammar, content, and style, ensuring students use appropriate citation practices and bibliographic format where required by the professor. I can also assist with second-language writing difficulties, offering explanations for grammar errors and not simply grammar corrections. Although the workshop will provide sidebar comments about how to improve each piece of writing, it is up to the student to make the specific changes that I recommend. The workshop will not “rewrite” your paper for you.

Students can use the service as many times as they need to throughout the semester. There is no limit on how many assignments students can submit. However, all assignments will be edited on a first-come, first-serve basis. If it is a particularly busy week, I may not be able to get to an assignment before a teacher-assigned due date. Therefore, students must to be organized in order to get papers to me so that I may have sufficient time to meet deadlines.

If there are questions or misunderstandings about comments I have made, I welcome the opportunity to address those. Don’t be shy about asking questions.


The Writing Workshop looks forward to answering your writing needs.


Please note:

The English department does not allow students to bring work to the writing workshop without express permission of a teacher.


Writing Monitor

Nancy Branch

Centre de langue écrite et orale (CLEO) [C261]

The Centre de langue écrite et orale is staffed by second year students who have excelled in their French courses at the College. It offers an individualized mentoring service in both written and oral French. Students requiring assistance may schedule a weekly appointment throughout the school year, or just drop in.  La salle d’étude is located in the same room.


La salle d’étude is a place where students who want to do documentary research can come to consult many books and magazines available to them. There are libraries of books in French normative (dictionaries, grammars, writing guides) as well as Québécoise and French literature (anthologies, dictionaries). This quiet study room also offers computers for students to use French software or to browse the Internet. Students of French classes at all levels can come between Monday-Friday: 8:30 a.m. and 16:30 p.m.


For more information, contact Denis Amyot by MIO.


Room: C261

English peer tutors

English peer-tutors are Champlain students who have good academic grades, especially in English, and strong time-management skills. Tutors are paid by the College to help students at Champlain to improve their writing, reading or speaking skills. Tutors work with students on a regular one-on-one basis according to a mutually agreed upon schedule. Tutors also work with other teachers and groups of students on certain occasions and organize various educational workshops and activities throughout a given semester.


The English peer-tutoring service will be offered online for the Spring 2021 semester.


To learn more about peer tutoring, contact Eliana Chilakos by MIO.


NEW – In case you missed it, the English Peer Tutoring Service now has a blog designed to help students with their reading and writing skills! All blog entries are created by peer tutors and provide helpful tips on topics like essay writing, academic research, literary analysis, oral presentations, and professional email writing.  Be sure to visit the blog to learn more about these topics and to get to know the peer tutors behind the blog 

Private tutors

There are private tutors available for students who feel they need more help than what is available. Rates vary.


Contact Lucy Doheny, Academic Advisor, for assistance in locating a private tutor.