Workshops and Tutoring

There are Workshops staffed by peer tutors in most disciplines, such as English, Economics, Chemistry, Math and Physics, Quantitative Methods, Spanish, German and History. All workshops are free of charge to Champlain Lennoxville students. Check with your professors for times and locations each semester, or verify the schedule on Omnivox. Most Workshops are during the co-curricular period, on Tuesday and Thursday from 12:30 to 2:00 p.m. and run throughout the semester.

Reading and writing workshop

The Reading and Writing Workshop is open weekdays in C169, usually on Tuesday and Thursday co-curricular.  The schedule and appointment sign-up sheet are posted outside the office.

Centre de langue écrite et orale (CLEO)

The Centre de langue écrite et orale is staffed by second year students who have excelled in their French courses at the College. It offers an individualized mentoring service in both written and oral French. Students requiring assistance may schedule a weekly appointment throughout the school year, or just drop in.  La salle d’étude is located in the same room.

La salle d’étude

La Salle d‘étude est d’abord un lieu où les étudiant(e)s qui veulent faire de la recherche documentaire peuvent venir consulter les nombreux livres et revues mis à leur disposition. Doté d’une banque d’ouvrages en français normatif (dictionnaires, grammaires, guides de rédaction) et en littérature québécoise et française (anthologies, dictionnaires d’auteurs et d’oeuvres), le lieu offre un environnement paisible propice à l‘étude et à la recherche. La salle offre aussi l’opportunité d’utiliser des ordinateurs dotés de logiciels français ainsi que se servir de CD-ROM ou de naviguer sur Internet. Les étudiant(e)s des cours de français de tous les niveaux peuvent venir entre 8:30h et 16:30h tous les jours de la semaine profiter des services offerts à la salle d‘étude.

English peer tutors

English peer-tutors are Champlain students who have good academic grades, especially in English, and strong time-management skills. All English tutors are certified by the College through a compulsory tutor-training workshop. Tutors are paid by the College to help students at Champlain to improve their writing, reading or speaking skills. Tutors work with a student on a one-on-one basis at times during the day that suit the student’s schedule.

Private tutors

There are private tutors available for students who feel they need more help than what is available. Rates vary. See Lucy Doheny, Academic Advisor for assistance in locating a private tutor.