Diversity and Inclusion

Champlain-Lennoxville is an inclusive campus, where students from any race, religion, gender identity, ethnic background, age, socio-economic class, physical and mental health level, sexual orientation, or culture, are welcome!


We believe that diversity is a collective treasure to be valued.


We promote respect and offer services to ensure that every student feels supported during his/her time at Champlain. Here are some of the services you may run into around the College:

SAFEspace network

The SAFEspace initiative by SEXed aims to increase the visibility of sexual and gender diversity at Champlain, and to provide support for LGBTQI2SNBA+ students and employees at the college. If you see a SAFEspace sign on someone’s office, it means they have committed to listen without judgment and to be informed about the local support services that can help you. The network is made up of role models and dynamic spaces of dialogue to allow students to express a range of sexual and gender identities without fear of judgment or discrimination. The network also promotes inclusive educational practices for teachers and other employees, as well as discrimination-free classrooms.

Champlain Pride Alliance

A community where LGBTQQI2SAA++++ students can meet and feel free to be themselves. The Champlain Pride Alliance offers an anonymous, safe, and inclusive group for people of all genders and sexual orientations. This group is student organized and student led. The group holds regular weekly meetings and occasional community events. Check out our Facebook page for details on location and schedules.

Gender Neutral washrooms

Everyone has the right to safe, private, and comfortable bathroom facilities. Transgender and gender non-conforming individuals in particular can face discomfort and discrimination in gendered bathrooms. Single-user bathrooms on all three floors of the Champlain building have been labelled to include non-gendered signs (a toilet symbol) indicating that these facilities are available to the entire community. They also serve people with disabilities who have personal attendants of a different gender, people with children of a different gender, and anyone who wishes for increased privacy.

Campus Ministry

Campus ministry at Champlain College and Bishop’s University seeks to foster healthy faith and spirituality for members of all faiths and traditions. The Rev. Jesse Dymond, Campus Minister, is available for counselling and pastoral care, and welcomes concerns that often arise within the academic community: whether they involve spirituality in mental health, reconciling science and religion, interfaith dialogue, or grief and relationship issues. The Campus Ministry office is located in Room 215, Marjorie Donald House.


819 822-9600, ext 2718 Campus Ministry


Worried about your sexual health or romantic life? Need information on campus services or access to birth control? SEXed is here for you.