Career Development

 Career Counselling

Having doubts about your program and/or your future?  One day at a time is your motto, not because that’s how you roll but because thinking about the future stresses you out? Feeling lost or unmotivated? Do you have a goal but cannot seem to be able to invest the 18 weekly hours of studying and schoolwork it takes to succeed?  

Does any of this seem familiar? These are some of the common issues faced by college students. You do not have to face these challenges alone.  

By meeting with our career counsellor, you can be provided tools and support in your exploration, as well as understanding and clarification of career options and paths that may best suit you. 

A career counsellor is available 3 days a week at the College. This service offers: 

– Assistance in setting realistic educational and career goals that may best reflect your situation and personal qualities 

– Exploration of pathways to reach your goals and the decision-making process

– Exploration of the range of career options that may best suit you by looking at:

–     Yourself (interests, values, abilities, needs and difficulties)

–    Academic programs

–    Occupational information (tasks, earnings, environment) 

–    Labour market (trends, requirements, qualifications, competitive programs)

–    Expectations (yours and those of the labour market)

– Support in adapting to your role as a college student (e.g. stress management, time management, procrastination) 


How you can access it: 

– The regular schedule is: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday (9 to 4 p.m.)

– To schedule an appointment: you can drop by the office C-170 or MIO Dominic Fauteux


 Career and Academic Information Center

Not quite sure what to expect from a career, an education or after College? The labour market is dynamic and constantly changing. Important academic and career choices based on facts from reliable sources can contribute to realistic goals and expectations about a future profession.  

A career counsellor is available to give you information about specific fields of work and education, occupations (tasks, earnings, and environment) and the labour market (trends, requirements, qualifications, competitive programs).  

This service specifically offers: 

– Support in developing skills to enter the labour market or obtain employment (Employment Skills).

– Help in building job search skills (resume writing, networking, and interviewing) 


How you can access it: 

– Drop in hours (first come, first serve) Thursday 1 – 2 p.m. at C-170 

– To schedule an appointment: you can drop by the office C-170 or MIO Dominic Fauteux


Champlain subscribes to Career Cruising, an interactive career resource designed to help in your career search. The username and password to access the site are available from a member of the Student Services personnel. Now available to Champlain in both English and French! Also, explore career options at Career Navigator at the site or visit Service Canada at for career and educational planning. Emploi-Quebec also maintains a website aimed at college level students that profiles 120 careers that offer excellent employment prospects.