Germany 2024 – Day 7



Today was our second day in Berlin. We woke up early and had a delicious breakfast in the hostel lobby that featured some very fresh Brötchen.
We then took the U-Bahn to the Bundestag. As expected, there was multiple security checks to pass through, but it only took us a few minutes.
A German student then gave a presentation to the group about how the German government works and how laws are passed. This was followed by
a tour of the ground floor where there were models of the building and of the surrounding area, as well as lots of art and markings on the walls left
by Russian soldiers. We then went upstairs and sat in the viewing area of the German parliament before we went into another room to have a short
lecture with a member of parliament from Hessen. Unfortunately, they had fallen ill, so the short lecture was done by one of the MP’s workers. Afterwards,
we took a short walk together to the Brandenburg Gate and from then on, we all had free time.


By Thomas Boyer