Germany 2024 – Day 14



Today, the students had the chance to join their buddies in class again. At the same time, some of us had a German class, learned about
fairy tales and did a bit of grammar as well. We then had some free time before going to the Forum together to eat our last lunch in Gelnhausen.
After lunch, we all got to have free time with our buddies. Some went back home, some went shopping, others visited the city again, etc. At the end
of the day, we reunited around 17h at the Florianhütte, a cabin in the woods, where you can make BBQ. Everyone joined in and brought salad or a
dessert, while the teachers were taking care of the meat and drinks. It was a really great evening, where kids and hosts families could talk and meet
the teachers as well.


By Aryel Gobeil