Germany 2024 – Day 11



Today, June 4 we spent the day in Heidelberg. We left Gelnhausen at 7h50 by train and arrived in Heidelberg around 10h40. We started by taking
a bus to the old town and had a guided tour. The tour lasted an hour and a half, we saw the Heidelberg university, two different churches while the
tour guide was explaining us different things about the city. We walked through the village to the river. Over the last few days, the river flooded due
to heavy rainfall and the tour guide explained us how high the water had gotten during previous floods. After that, the tour finished. We took the bus
to our restaurant Urban Kitchen for lunch. After that we had about 2h of free time in Heidelberg. Some people went to the castle and others just stayed
in the city. We left by train at 17h and arrived around 19h30 in Gelnhausen.


By Saskia Bertrand