Germany 2018 Day 1

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When we first arrived in Frankfurt we were so excited to finally be in Germany, but also pretty tired from the flight. It was rainy in Frankfurt. The first thing we did was to go to the “Toiletten” which was the first word that we learned there. Then, we got to wait in line to pass through the border and get our luggage. The people working were really nice to us, we had a really good first impression.


After that we went through these doors and some of the German students from the exchange were waiting for us there. We were so happy to finally see them, we hugged them and greeted them. Then, we had to take the train to get to Gelnhausen. It was difficult at first because we had to carry our luggage through many stairs and we also had to switch trains. It was a great first experience, because it was only 9am and it was not too crowded.


After, we got off the train and we walked to the school where some other students were waiting for us. Everything was settled; tables with snacks and drinks for us. On another table there were also tshirts with bags and a typical German drink waiting for us; Apfelwein. It was pretty good, most of us liked it. We also did ice breaker games, so everyone was introduced to one another, since there were new students in the exchange. It was nice, everyone talked to each other and it was great to finally meet again with the German group.


After, we left our luggage and we walked in Gelnhausen to get something to eat, it was really warm and sunny. Then, some of us went to get SIMCard for their phones and joined the rest of the group to go and get something to eat. We had to choose between two or three typical German meals. For my part, I had Schnitzel and it was really good. After lunch, we got back to school and then we could drive home to meet our host family and mostly get some sleep to be ready for the next day.


That is pretty much it!


Gute Nacht,
Bis Morgen!

Germany 2018