Germany 2018 Day 8

About This Project

This morning we met by groups at different places to carpool to a castle. It is a very old one built between the years 1200 and 1500. There were many original things in the castle. We could go up a tower where the view was amazing. We could visit many different rooms like kitchen, chapel, pharmacy and torture room. The castle was very impressive since we don’t have that much old things in Canada. We took many funny pictures there.


After lunch, we made a presentation about Canada to students and some of them will come to Champlain in the fall. We presented them many aspects like culture, history, landscape, education etc. They had the chance to taste maple syrup, which they really liked and manipulate canadian money, which they found special because you can’t tear it. Afterwards, they also presented us some aspects of Germany.


After school, I went to a strawberry picking field with my host family. In the evening, most of us are going camping. We made a fire, we played games and ate food. It was a good occasion to get to know each other even more.

Germany 2018