Germany 2018 Day 7

About This Project

Today was day 7 of the exchange. We had a full day at school to learn about very interesting subjects. First we watched a short documentary about the concentration camps of World War II. Then we had a very interesting presentation from one of the teachers of the school about the war and the historical events of Berlin and other parts of the country. We were able to ask questions and learn things we did not know about.


After lunch we went to the economic class which is also an English class. We got in teams of four and five to work on a project to know what would be more efficient to buy between two different cars. It was something that most of us (from the languages program) had not done in a while or had simply never done before.


To finish the day at school we worked on our presentations about Canada which we will do on Wednesday for the Canada Class of this school.


We were then free to go home and meet with our friends, knowing that we would still go to sleep very early for another day in Germany.

Germany 2018