Germany 2018 Day 6

About This Project

Today is a free day with our host family. Some of us will go to a beach from the surroundings, but I wanted to get to know my host family and hang out with them.
So, I went with my German buddy Anna and both of her parents in the city where her mother grew up, Schlüchtern.


We ate a brunch and we went to Anna’s grandmother’s house to get a drink. Afterwards, we went to play mini golf, the loser had to pay the ice cream, so yeah, I paid the ice cream! I tried Spaghetti ice cream, which is only vanilla ice cream shape like spaghetti. They showed me the country side of Steinau, where my hosting home is. This town was where the Grimm
brothers grew up!


After we arrived at home, we relaxed a lot and I talked with Anna’s mother about travels that they did. Then, we prepared the dinner which was the special german sausages with a green salad, potatoes, and corn. After eating this delicious meal, we stayed outside for a while talking about anything.


This was the 6th day in Germany and I can’t think that we will have to go back to Quebec in a few days, it is making me sooooo sad!


My host family are so fun and very caring! Love them! Ich liebe Deutschland!

Germany 2018