Germany 2018 Day 5

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Today, we can wake up a little bit later which gives me enough time to finally give my host family their gift from me. The experience within this family has been amazing. I learn more about them every day and I discover something new about the house every day as well! I discovered their balcony. The view was extraordinary.


Afterwards, Johannes and Audrey picked Julian and I up to go to Aschaffenburg. We visited a nice residence near a lake. It was sehr schön. We ate at a restaurant that served typical Bavarian food. I had Schnitzel and our table decided to share to taste different dishes. I’m really enjoying the food and how nice the people are. I learnt the most important words of my stay today: stilles Wasser (water that isn’t bubbly).


After eating, we were placed into groups for a rally in this beautiful park. Rebecca, Alyson, Pamela and I went on this adventure together. Our last stop of this rally was a maze. When we finished, we “helped” the others by telling them where to go. While they were finishing, Johannes and Gideon played some songs on a speaker. Pamela and I inevitably started signing and others joined in.


Then, we went to visit an astonishing castle. It was an extremely warm day. This stop was a little break from the heat! Leo and I had one of our very interesting conversations in the castle. He always makes me laugh so much! I did not expect it, but Germans are hilarious. After this we were set free for the rest of the day. Johannes, Julian, Audrey, and I got stuck in the traffic.


The heat was awful in that car, but it gave me some time to appreciate the nature and the houses that were there. Johannes also brought back an inside joke we had when they were in Canada. It feels good to remember these things. This group is honestly awesome and we have so much fun together. I can’t help to think about the last day and how sad it’ll make all of us. Thankfully, that day is still far and we’ll have a lot more fun times together before this happens.


When I got home, Tony (the dog) jumped on me. We started watching Netflix and I was petting Tony when I realized he had a tick on him. We removed it. He looks a little bit more energetic now! We then ate delicious omelettes with salad from their garden. The food is honestly always so good in Germany!


After eating, we headed to a pub to watch the Fußball game. We had a lot of fun and we got to know each other even more. We then headed to a festival in Bad Orb. We got the chance to hear many German songs, but also songs that we all knew in English. We danced. We tried more German food. It was the best part of the day. This day finishes at the festival and we start the next day there before I go back and head to bed. Our car ride back was in a nice sports car.

Germany 2018