Germany 2018 Day 4

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Guten Tag!


Today was day 4 of the exchange. We started with a presentation and a tour of Berfliche Schulen Gelnhausen. The German school system is actually fairly different from the Canadian one. They start with kindergarden and elementary school like us. But then when they are 9 years old, they get tested to see which of the next level schools would be best for them: Hauptschule (weakest students), Realschule (middle students) and Gymnasium (strongest). Gymnasium allows to go to university afterwards.


Then, we had a tour of the school’s different programs. We went from mechanics to the bakery, hairdressing, office management, etc. It was very interesting to speak with the students about their programs.


After lunch, we took the train to Frankfurt. We walked around town and had a little bit of free time before dinner. It was very different from Gelnhausen but it was as beautiful! Indeed, the skyscraper gave Frankfurt a more “New Yorky” look then the rest of Germany.


Dinner took place at a typical German restaurant. We really enjoyed tasting German food.


To finish off the day, we went to the opera to see Billy Budd. It was an interesting experience because it was the first time at the Opera for most of us. Although it was a bit long and it was so late at night, it was really enriching!


Overall, we had a great day, in a great country, with great people!



Germany 2018