Germany 2018 Day 12

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Sunday morning was the day I was the most excited for: leaving for Berlin. Berlin has so much history and there are so many things to do! I woke up at 7 to finish packing and get ready to leave Gelnhausen. Saying goodbye to my host family was very hard since they are so king and generous. In fact, it wasn’t hard only for me, but for all of us: some people even cried!


At 9AM, me and my German buddy (Julia) met the rest of the group in Fulda to take the train in direction to Berlin. It takes four hours to travel from Fulda to Berlin, so some of us decided to play cards and games. It was really fun, and time actually went really fast. This is what happens when you have good times!


When we got in Berlin, we went directly to our hostel. I was sharing my room wity Julia, Marie-Michèle and her geman buddy, Katinka. I have to say that I was surprised by this hostel: it is so clean, so nice and quite big.


After that, we went to eat dinner and then met at the Brandenburg Gate which is really close to the Memorial for the murdered Jews of Europe. This memorial is so impressive. It is so big, and so original.


Our first day in Berlin was very nice. I am excited to see more and I hope I will come back here at least once in my life!

Germany 2018