Germany 2018 Day 10

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Waking up early this morning 05h45 to be ready to arrive in Gelnhausen for 7h10 at 7h30 everybody was aboard on the bus direction to Heidelberg, to visit a castle from the middle age during end of 13 century to the beginning of 14 century (Heidelberg Schloss) with a very interesting tour guide named Suzanna we took 90 second train, with a Architectural style of Gothic and Renaissance it very interesting to look at.


From the castle we have a great view of the city of Heidelberg, after a tour guide of 1h30 of walking around the castle we went down many many stairs, I stop counting at 125 !!!! to visit the old town. The old bridge makes a nice landscape of the city.


Before dinner we relax a bit and then walked on store street probably twice as big St-Catherine street in Mtl. The restaurant Urban Kitchen with a choice International food, Italian, German, and Thai. It was excellent.


After dinner we were given free time for about 4 hours to explore the city. I did a little bit of shopping, and then we went to the river with some Canadians and Germans and relaxed for a good part of the afternoon.


We played cards, telephone game, fact game name 3 fact of you and try to guess which one is false. This was a good practise for the German to learn more English.


At 17h15 we left by bus and arrived in Gelnhausen at 19h00 Canadians are starting to be emotional because tomorrow is the last night with their host families and some hosts can’t come to Berlin since they have planned other things.


Tomorrow we will have a nice BBQ in the forest in Wächterbach, every Canadian is cooking a meal and all the host families are invited should be 40-50 people!!!! We will have salad, cake and sausages, mozzarella with tomatoes.

Germany 2018