Olivia’s Clause – Newly Adopted

Olivia’s Clause – Newly Adopted

In the interest of the safety of our students, the College has opted to formally adopt an adverse driving conditions regulation.

Olivia’s Clause shall be triggered automatically under the following circumstances:

– A snow day closure of all schools and centres (vocational and adult education) is announced by the Eastern Townships School Board (ETSB); or

– When the Société de Transport de Sherbrooke (STS) suspends operations.

As of the Fall Semester 2023, on days designated as such, the College will implement Olivia’s Clause granting justified absences to all students (in courses and stages). Students are expected to contact teachers to arrange for any missed materials and assignments and seek copies of notes from fellow students. For missed stages, internship hours must be made up in as far as it is possible to do so. Stage teachers are invited to contact the relevant Dean for managing more complex situations.

When an in-class evaluation was scheduled for a day when Olivia’s Clause is triggered, the teacher may elect to cancel the class and administer the evaluation in the subsequent scheduled class period. In the situation where an additional class period is unavailable, College administration will work with the specific faculty member to find alternatives.

To read the full version of Olivia’s Clause article, please click here. The document can be found on Omnivox, and on our website, under Student Life and College – Bylaws and Policies.