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Keep learning with us at Continuing Education and Business Services of Champlain College Lennoxville. Expand your skills; be more fulfilled with your work and with yourself. We have your learning opportunities just a click away!


Did you know that in the late 1970’s, Champlain Regional College Lennoxville’s Continuing Education Services started offering courses to the public? Results show that adults who truly desire to better themselves often dive into new learning situations with energy and determination. It had become apparent that an adult who returns to school does not come back to waste their time.


It has been many years now that we have been providing quality training tailored to the needs of the Townships workforce. In addition to our courses, the College now offers many services to individuals and businesses.


Just as individuals must change to keep up to date, so must our services. Many of the course listings you will find are specific responses to past requests from the community we serve, and we encourage you to make suggestions for new offerings you would like to see.


Since June 2016, the Continuing Education and Business Services programs are all under one roof; the Lennoxville Campus is our home now!


The Continuing Education department has also formed a collaboration with the Lennoxville Vocational Training Center. With this collaboration, we hope to better serve the needs of our Anglophone community, as well as the businesses in the Townships. We would like to encourage business owners to share with us their needs so that we can help them offer their employees and their clients a great working atmosphere and great services. At the Champlain’s Continuing Education department, we have learning opportunities- all you need to do is contact us!


Enrichissez vos compétences, votre carrière et votre vie. Continuez votre cheminement d’apprentissage en suivant des cours à la formation continue et aux services aux entreprises du Collège Champlain de Lennoxville.


Vos possibilités en formation chez nous ne sont qu’à un clic!


La formation continue à Champlain remonte à la fin des années 1970. Nous savons donc depuis longtemps que les gens qui cherchent à s’améliorer et à mieux performer se lancent dans des démarches de formation avec énergie. Ces personnes n’ont pas l’intention de retourner en classe pour y perdre leur temps.


Nos services ont évolué au fil des années et vous découvrirez que nos offres tiennent compte de demandes précises de notre milieu. En ce sens, n’hésitez pas à nous communiquer vos suggestions et besoins en formation!


Depuis juin 2016, la formation continue et les services aux entreprises sont maintenant logés à la même enseigne que le Collège Champlain de Lennoxville. Notez que le stationnement est gratuit sur le campus après 17 h.


Les personnes intéressées à une formation ou à un programme crédité à la formation continue doivent posséder un diplôme d’études secondaires ou un équivalent reconnu par le Collège, elles doivent avoir au moins 18 ans et avoir quitté l’école depuis au moins un an.


Nous avons établi une entente collaborative avec le Centre de formation professionnelle Lennoxville (Voc-ed), ce qui nous permet d’offrir de la formation en anglais à la communauté estrienne. Si vous êtes en entreprise et que vous souhaitez obtenir de la formation en anglais, nous sommes à votre entière disposition.

Program Description

The Early Childhood Education (ECE) program is for individuals with an interest in working with young children under the age of 12 years old. It offers certified training with career possibilities in a variety of settings such as childcare centers, preschool programs, school daycares, community organizations, and more.

Why complete an AEC in Early Childhood Education?

💭 This program is for you if…

  • Possibility of working in the field you love, while completing your education.
  • Learn about child development
  • Help young children reach their full potential
  • Form positive relationships with children and families in your community.
  • Flexibility of online classes
  • Practical internships with employment possibilities
  • AEC Certification
  • Excellent student success rate!
  • Enjoy spending time with children
  • Interested in child development
  • Work well in a team.
  • Have good communication and observational skills
  • Can take initiative
  • Responsible
  • Have patience
  • Have energy
  • Have a passion for the field of Early Childhood Education!
  • Excellent student success rate!


A diploma of Secondary Studies is required for admission in the ECE program. We do not offer RAC (Recognition of Acquired Competencies), or distance education. Students are eligible for the program if they are a Canadian citizen or a permanent resident.


The duration of the program is 3 years, part-time only. ECE classes take place in the evening on weekdays, and on Saturdays. Classes are usually taught as hybrid -online and in-person. The cost of the program per semester varies depending on the number of classes a student is registered in.


If you are interested, please email us and we will put you on the waiting list for the next cohort. The Records Office will contact you in advance of the application date.

Program Content – Winter 2024 

Semester 1 Course Hrs. Ponderation CR
322-703-RL Introduction to the Early Childhood Education Profession 45 S1.1 02-01-02 1.67
322-713-RL Safety in Childcare 45 02-01-02 1.67
350-704-RL Child Development (0-5 yrs) 60 S1.2 02-02-02 2.00
322-724-RL Professional Communication Skills 60 02-02-02 2.00
Semester 2 Course Hrs. Ponderation CR
350-714-RL Child Development (5-12 yrs) 60 S2.1 02-02-02 2.00
322-793-RL Child Health 45 02-01-02 1.67
322-714-RL Observing Children 45 S2.2 02-02-03 2.33
322-843-RL Pedagogical Approaches 60 02-01-02 1.67
Semester 3 Course Hrs. Ponderation CR
322-773-RL Meaningful Relationships with Children 45 S3.1 01-02-02 1.67
322-823-RL Autonomy in Children 45 01-02-02 1.67
322-734-RL Educational Interventions for Infants Toddlers (0-2 yrs) 60 S3.2 02-02-02 2.00
322-783-RL Creativity in the Workplace 45 01-02-02 1.67
Semester 4 Course Hrs. Ponderation CR
322-744-RL Educational Interventions for Young Children (2- 5 yrs) 60 S4.1 02-02-02 2.00
322-813-RL Children with Special Needs 45 02-01-02 1.67
322-709-RL Fieldwork 1: Initiation 135 S4.2 01-08-02 3.67
Semester 5 Course Hrs. Ponderation CR
322-754-RL Educational Interventions for School-Aged Children (5-12 yrs) 60 S5.1 02-02-02 2.00
322-824-RL Guidance Interventions 60 02-02-02 2.00
322-803-RL Healthy Nutrition 45 S5.2 02-01-02 1.67
322-833-RL Professional Partnerships 45 02-01-02 1.67
Semester 6 Course Hrs. Ponderation CR
322-70F-RL Fieldwork 2: Integration 240 S6.0 01-15-03 6.33


Semesters 1-5 are all divided into half-semester. Semester 6 is a single block dedicated to Fieldwork.


Non-Certificate of Eligibility Holders must have attained a level 7 of oral and level 4 of written French comprehension prior to receiving their AEC.


All students who are interested in following a credited course at the continuing education level are required to have a Québec diploma of Secondary Studies or have received instruction deemed sufficient by the College, be 18 years old or older and have been out of school for a year.


If it is your first registration with the College, please read the following information.


If you already have registered with us, this information is not required.

For all admissions you need to provide the following documents:

Students born in Québec

  • Birth certificate and secondary or post secondary school diploma.

Students born out-of-province

  • Proof of Canadian citizenship (permanent resident card or Canadian citizenship card) AND the «Certificat de sélection du Québec» AND your Medicare card. A comparative evaluation of your studies outside of Québec given by the ministry of immigration or proof of scholarship translated in French or English.

Without these documents, please communicate with the college’s administration in to receive information on the additional costs.


The admission fees are $30 and are not refundable.
To complete a payment you must communicate with the Records Office at records-lennox@crcmail.net. Your admission will only be completed once your payment is received. We will communicate with you in order to proceed with your registration. We do accept business cheques if your employer is paying. Please note that all cheques with insufficient funds will incur a $50 fee.

How to Apply – Winter 2024

To apply, please fill out the application form and send it to our Record’s Office at records-lennox@crcmail.net.

Community Non-Credit Courses

It has been several years since the Champlain College Continuing Education department has been providing quality training tailored to the needs of the Townships workforce. In addition to our courses, the College now offers many services to individuals and businesses.


Just as individuals must change to keep up to date, so must our services. Many of the course listings you will find are specific responses to past requests from the community we serve, and we encourage you to make suggestions for new offerings you would like to see.

Course Content

These classes are designed to meet the individual needs of the student whether a beginning potter interested in creating your first work of art or a more experienced potter wanting to improve your skills. Dress for a mess! Fees include materials.


This course will introduce the students to the basic clay experience.

  • Learning the hand-building techniques such as pinch, drape, press, slab, and coil.
  • The use of templates, hump and slump molds.
  • Put into practice the functional and non-functional wheel throwing techniques, occasionally in combination with hand-building methods.
  • Introduction to decorating techniques such as mishima and sgraffito.
  • The technical aspects of color slips and glazing.


Students will acquire a working knowledge of kiln procedures and experiment with slip techniques.

Fall Semester

Option 1: September 19th – November 21st, from 6:00 – 9:00 p.m.

Option 2: September 21st – November 23rd, from 6:00 – 9:00 p.m.



Winter Semester

To be announced!



$295 (taxes and supplies included)


To register or be added to the winter waiting list, please email lennconedinfo@crcmail.net.

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