Thumbs up for Student Recognition!

There are a multitude of ways that students may volunteer on campus and in the community.  If you would like to have your volunteering recognized on your transcript, these activities must fall under the following categories:

Society and Community:

Improving the quality of people’s lives, compassion, solidarity, improving the social awareness and attitude of a specific group.


The development or the implementation of a business project.

Science and Technology:

Scientific or technical projects, experiments or other science related activities.


Helping others to succeed and achieve higher standards.


Promoting student interests and rights, political involvement at any level, promoting human rights.


Organizing or participating in a structured sports activity.

Culture and Arts:

The creation or the presentation of a cultural or artistic event/project.

On Campus or off Campus activities can be recognized!
In Quebec or outside Quebec.
Summer activities can also be taken into consideration.

Four Simple Criteria

  • Minimum 60 hours involvement in an individual or group project
  • To be a full time student
  • To be successful in your studies
  • The project is non-credited and not remunerated

Information is available from Student Services personnel.