Students’ Association

The Champlain College Students’ Association-Lennoxville, better known as the CSA, is a fully recognized incorporated company owned and run by the students. Every full-time regular day sector student becomes a member of the CSA upon payment of the CSA Activity Fee required for registration at Champlain, and all students are entitled to the use of services offered by the Association. The CSA represents the students in their everyday concerns, be they social, economic, environmental, or academic. There are positions on the Council that represent all of the academic programs, as well as residence and off-campus students, clubs and organizations, part-time and mature students.

Activities organized and sponsored by the CSA include, for example, Welcome Week, the Used Book Sale, and the Graduation ceremonies. The CSA sponsors, among other projects, Exam Care Packages, field trips, and academic awards.

The CSA offices are located in the Student Union Building.