Technical Programs

180.A0 Nursing

The Nursing Program welcomed the first group of students in Fall 2010. The three-year program will permit students to meet the demanding challenges of the nursing profession. Classroom and laboratory work will be enhanced with clinical experience in local-area hospitals and health care centers, where students will work in specialities such as ambulatory care, geriatrics, obstetrics, pediatrics, psychiatry and surgery.

410.B0 Accounting and Management Technology

The Accounting and Management Technology Program provides a series of courses which impart career skills. It focuses initially on a broad understanding of the many facets of business and management. As the students advance through the program, they will become progressively more immersed in a detailed study of accounting and management, culminating in a ten-week internship in a local business. Courses in computer applications to business ensure that the students become conversant with business applications of this ever more important tool.

420.AA Computer Science Technology

NOT CURRENTLY OFFERED.  A REVISED PROGRAM WILL BE GIVEN IN FALL 2019.  Computers are an integral part of nearly all businesses and organizations: this yields an increase in the spectrum of tasks and responsibilities for the Computer Science Technology professional, ranging from hardware and software selection and installation to programming and implementing applications and complete information systems. During three years of study, future technicians will acquire a comprehensive knowledge of how to apply the computer to most common business information system problems. They will also learn about business structures, theories of management and principles of accounting.

351.A0 Special Care Counselling

The Special Care Counselling program has as its aim to train special educators who will work in the areas of prevention, education and rehabilitation in order to encourage social integration and optimal personal growth. Special educators work in a team and often act as the intermediaries between the person in difficulty and the parents, teachers and specialists from other domains. Graduates of the Special Care Counselling program will find employment as educators in any of several settings: rehabilitation centres, residential centres, sheltered workshops, youth homes, group homes, CLSCs, and hospitals.

Technical Programs