International Studies

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International Studies is a club for any student interested in furthering their understanding of the global context, discussing international issues, and getting involved in their local community.   Students may apply for International Studies at Club Day, at the Information Session held each semester or any time by contacting the IS coordinator.  Graduating students who have fulfilled the requirements will be presented with a certificate at the graduation ceremony.

There are two components to International Studies at Champlain College:  course work and extra-curricular activities.


In their existing course selection, students must select at least four courses with international content. When choosing the courses, students are responsible for informing the academic advisor that they are pursuing this option. Advisors and the IS coordinator can help students choose courses with international content. Only two language courses may count towards a certificate.


All students must participate in activities organized by IS throughout the year and are encouraged to help organize and run these activities. These activities include guest conferences, public screenings and discussions, and are organized around a yearly theme chosen in consultation with IS students (e.g.Global inequalities, Indigenous peoples, etc.). These activities lead up to a symposium—a day-long event with guest speakers and audience members from our campus and local communities. Students are required to participate in the symposium.  In the event that you have engaged yourself for over 60 hours within a certain area of involvement, you will be able to request that this information be indicated on your Bulletin d`études collégiales, which universities and/or future employers will be able to see.

Symposium 2018

Symposium 2017


NOTE: From time to time, courses are added to or deleted from this list, and individual projects in certain courses may take on an International flavour.

320-264-LE Regional Geography
320-265-LE Geography of Tourism
320-266-LE Environmental Geography
330-255-LE History of the United States
330-256-LE 20th Century History: A Hundred Years of Conflict
330-984-LE The World Today
340-912-LE Making of the Modern Mind
345-101-MQ One World, Many Cultures
345-101-MQ A Sense of Place: The Link Between Where we Live and Who we Are
345-102-MQ Islamic World Views
345-BEK-LE Human Rights Perspective
345-BEL-LE Contempory Moral Issues
351-657-LE Intercultural Relationships
383-291-LE International Economics
385-261-LE Political Ideologies
385-263-LE Introduction to International Affairs
387-281-LE Social Issues and Social Problems
387-282-LE Marriage and the Family
387-416-LE Sociology of Unequal Relations
401-101-LE Fundamentals of Business
401-242-LE Principles of Financial Management
410-420-LE International Business
520-BED-LE Italy: Art & Architecture through the Ages
603-102-MQ Postcolonial Literature and Theory
603-103-MQ Women Canadian Writers
603-103-MQ Other Solitudes: The Literature of Canada’s Cultural Minorities
603-103-MQ Ecocriticism
603-103-MQ Many Voices
607-101-LE Spanish I
607-201-LE Spanish II
609-101-LE German I
609-202-LE German II
613-BEA-LE Introduction to Chinese Language and Culture