Pre-University Programs

200.B0 Science (Health and Pure and Applied)

The science program at Champlain is divided into a health science stream and a pure and applied science stream. Health science students go on to university programs in medicine, nursing, and optometry. Pure and applied students go on in such programs as research, engineering, or architecture. Both streams enable students to master basic scientific knowledge and acquire basic skills. Students will learn to solve problems by applying the scientific method.

300.A0 Social Science (General, Psychology, Criminology, Commerce and Math Profile)

By progressively developing the students’ skills, the Social Science Program will allow students to adjust to college level expectations and to be prepared for university studies. Students in this program will go on to study in university fields such as law, religion, history, education and psychology.

500.A1 Arts, Literature and Communication (ALC)

The objectives of both Profiles, Creative Arts and Languages and Communication are to enable students to:

  • locate themselves in the world of contemporary culture and in the history of culture;
  • use various types of discourse and means of expression;
  • communicate in a language other than that of the educational institution;
  • be capable of thought, analysis and criticism in the field of arts and letters;
  • experience the process of creation in the field of arts and letters, displaying intuition, originality and expressivity, while respecting appropriate requirements;
  • apply a critical thought process to ethical issues relevant to the field of studies.

510.A0 Visual Arts

The Visual Arts Program is designed to provide a means of gaining vocabulary and foundation in the visual arts. These experiences will permit students to direct themselves towards an artistic specialization at college or university. The studio courses in two- and three- dimensional image making and art forms encourage the use of the artistic « language » as a means of making personal statements. The history of art courses, by providing instruction in the great works, their creators, and their historical context, constitute a valuable documentation of the cultural past. Students who enroll in this program should possess great intellectual curiosity, a strong creative spirit, and a high level of manual dexterity.

700.B0 Liberal Arts (Histoire et civilisation)

Liberal Arts is a program centered on the study of history, literature and philosophy, oriented towards a broadening of perspective and promoting an integrated understanding of the foundations of western culture. Liberal arts students will primarily be exploring the world of ideas, investigating a number of major theoretical perspectives developed to explain or evaluate physical, psychological, social, artistic and religious dimensions of reality. In learning how to learn reflectively, liberal arts students will acquire a basic tool for success in any academic. Students may choose from the Liberal Arts profile, or the Liberal Arts profile with mathematics.

N.B. Students in all programs are required to take a number of General Education courses including English, French, Humanities and Phys Ed. All students have the option of participating in the International Studies or Stage enrichment programs.

Pre-University Programs