Continuing Education

Champlain Regional College Continuing Education Services is dedicated to serving the adult population of the Eastern Townships.  Continuing Education Services offer a wide variety of interesting programs and courses for those who wish to enhance their skills for career opportunities or simply for their pleasure. There are numerous courses offered in our fields of expertise, namely, the arts, computer technology, programming, business, interior decorating, supervision, tourism, French, English, Spanish and more, that may very well appeal to you.  Classes are held at 2580 College Street (Lennoxville Borough).

ChampBuildCropIf obtaining an Attestation of Collegial Studies Diploma is of interest, we offer short term programs in both French and English that may very well open new doors for promotions or career opportunities.

Assisting companies in the region with customized quality training continues to be a rewarding experience for us. We look forward to your employee training requests which may be offered on-site or at company locations.

Regular or computer classrooms are available for rental with access to fast, well equipped computers with up-to-date software. In particular cases, your own software may be installed.

If a small group of people is interested in a course that is not currently offered, let us know, as it would be our pleasure to respond to your needs.